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date:  2016-09-13 name:  Uwe / Germany e-mail:  
First class side, your VINYL ROTATION; caused certainly a lot of work and contains your heart blood.
(And I can refresh my English language skills)
date:  2015-01-09 name:  Former Scientist / not stated e-mail:  
Very impressed by your site, and that wonderful picture for the Finns cover . . . (Eno)
[ have a look ]
date:  2014-05-27 name:  Rischa / U.S.A. e-mail:  
Perfect! Just the kind of thing I'm looking for. Thanks.
date:  2013-06-04 name:  Lucian / U.S.A. e-mail:  
When I checked out your archive I noticed that all the pictures of your album covers, records and such are very cleanly presented. Your website looks great, if you don't mind my asking, how do you manage to do that?
I checked out Saxaphone Man on Youtube since I never heard it before. That is pretty unique!
date:  2012-10-07 name:  Ben / UK e-mail:  
Just looked at your website.
Very eclectic and obviously a labour of love. Never dreamt I'd ever see Gene Vincent and Suzanne Vega sharing web space.
date:  2011-04-08 name:  John / U.S.A. e-mail:  
I've just discovered your great record album website . . .
date:  2011-01-16 name:   Gunnar [iCrates] / DE e-mail:  
We have stumbled upon your site and are well amazed about the quality of your record cover reviews! Great stuff, looks like we share something . . .
date:  2010-11-18 name:   Dr. Vinyl / DE e-mail:  
You run an interesting Site.
date:  2010-04-02 name:   Savagebeat / U.S.A. e-mail:  
I like your site, very cool.
date:  2010-03-18 name:   JIrwin / U.S.A. e-mail:  
Great site!
date:  2009-05-05 name:  Chris / U.S.A. e-mail:  
I wanted to let you know I visited your 'vinylrotation.org' website and am very impressed.
date:  2009-02-20 name:  LedZeppi / DE e-mail:  
Hello, enraptured I recently visited your website.
date:  2008-10-03 name:  Dan / UK e-mail:  
I like your site, you write great English and brilliant statements. Love that Brigitte Bardot cover.
[ have a look ]
date:  2008-09-26 name:  Jim / U.S.A. e-mail:  
Great idea on your site.
date:  2008-09-24 name:  Alan / UK e-mail:  
I like your web site, if there is ever any other records you are looking for please get in contact.
date:  2008-08-30 name:  Kathy / U.S.A. e-mail:  
Checked out your website, cool!!
date:  2008-07-11 name:  Luca / IT e-mail:  
Oh, finally a nice place for my eyes ... The best part of the old vinyl, apart from the music ;-), was the tactile sensation. Now we've a little bit more about the visual sensation. Always recommended !! Stay tuned ....
date:  2008-06-04 name:  Olivier / UK e-mail:  
This site is about cover art, isn't it? I don't think it's a record review site just a personal catalogue of vinyl artwork that pleases him . . . not sure anyone should be expecting full reviews on this labour-of-love site - it's about the pics, not the music . . .
date:  2008-06-03 name:  Steve / UK e-mail:  
. . . keep up with the website - it is a great peace of work.
date:  2008-04-15 name:  Keith / UK e-mail:  
I've just had a browse around your website and really like it. The quality of the pictures is really good.
date:  2008-01-19 name:  Scotty / U.S.A. e-mail:  
It's people like you that make me glad I'm a part of the RCG, and not on other forums. I also dig your web site -- nice work!
date:  2008-01-07 name:  Sunray / U.S.A. e-mail:  
You are a well orginized creative person. Nice site you made.
date:  2007-10-29 name:  RA / U.S.A. e-mail:  
Hey there Falk, I checked out your site and its very well done, nice job. What's the criteria for putting your sleeves up. Is it that you own each record? Because there's many I could suggest. Keep up the good work
date:  2007-10-18 name:  Cactus Cowboy / U.S.A. e-mail:  
I visited your website shortly after you joined the RCG and posted the link. It's excellent! We share much of the same taste in music, so I especially enjoy your website.
date:  2007-09-26 name:  Davey (TheWaxMan) / U.S.A. e-mail:  
Okay people - I just scoped out the site - it's a trove of treasures. VIELEN DANK !
date:  2007-08-17 name:  Peter / NZ e-mail:  
Dear Vinylrotation,
I'm enjoying your website, which I've just found while searching for some information relating to the use of original sleeve-cover art work  . . .  / /  . . . and I love the image of the girl sitting on the vinyl record (naturally!)
[ have a look ]
date:  2007-08-10 name:  John / U.S.A. e-mail:  
Hi Falk,
that little Blondie cover is great. I love the lipstick kiss on the while label -- the perfect detail.
[ have a look ]
date:  2007-06-06 name:  Tobbe / SE e-mail:  
I like it, Falk!
I'm also a big sucker for good design, and I think the non-vinyl section is really cool. Keep up the good work.
date:  2007-04-16 name:  Stanley / U.S.A. e-mail:  
I checked out your website VERY NICE!
The quality of the playing cards is excellent.  I'm curious if you used a scanner or used photographs?  I will revisit again soon. 
date:  2007-04-15 name:  Sven / DE e-mail:  
COOL! The new gallery of 'Pin Up' cards, your creation is first class. I like it so much.
date:  2007-03-22 name:  Stephen / UK e-mail:  
Excellent site, interesting content, easy to navigate and a pleasure to visit. Recommend to any vinyl, cover, art or music enthusiast. Please keep up the good work.
date:  2007-02-17 name:  Geoff / UK e-mail:  
I had a look at your site and I thought it was excellent. You have some novel ways of getting other people interested.
date:  2007-01-07 name:  Tobbe / SE e-mail:  
I was sure you would describe the connection to David Bowie with this sleeve
(archive 'Stiff recordings_16-30 / 'Stiff' 2007-01). It's always fun to see and read about your sleeves, Falk!
date:  2006-09-01 name:  Lothar / DE e-mail:  
I have visited your site. All I can say it's absolutely top, professional designed. I really like it.
date:  2006-04-03 name:  Stephanie / U.S.A. e-mail:  
Great site! It is time consuming but what a terrific catalog you will have. I was really wanting to hear what I was seeing.
date:  2006-03-05 name:  Tony / UK e-mail:  
Great work Falk, The quality of your site is excellent, I love the way you bring the sleeves to life, very interesting idea with a personal touch, so rare these days on the web.
date:  2006-03-02 name:  Sven / DE e-mail:  
I am delighted to see you having so much fun writing html code. Your first projects result is really worth a look I think. So the subject of your site is fairly special, I am pleased to hear that the content you offer (hope that we will see more soon) is accepted so positively. Go ahead this way - code is poetry.
date:  2006-02-23 name:  Kiki / DE e-mail:  
Congratulations! For your Site and, coming to that idea!
date:  2006-02-23 name:  Tobbe / SE e-mail:  
Excellent work, Falk! I love the idea of bringing the good old records back to life, being a Stiff Records singles collector myself. I can almost smell the vinyl on your cool site.