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The most thrilling record sleeve of Blondie that I have ever seen!
Eroticism and music fused in a lascivious, visual manner. Unfortunately the creator of this photographic masterpiece has not been mentioned. Everything on this photograph is perfect; the lights, the clipping, the pose and the colours. Surely the idea of the artwork was to correlate visual with 'Picture This' and, the conversion has succeeded extremely. To see her again, is surely a pleasure for all of you, who love Mrs. Deborah Harry.

7" single by
Chrysalis Records™
catalogue no. CHS 2242
production date: 1978
de made (cover)
uk made (record)

producer: Mike Chapman


Side A:
Picture this  2.53
 [D. Harry / C. Stien / J. Destri]

Side B:
Fade away (and radiate)  3.57
 [C. Stein]

Taken from the Album:
'Parallel Lines' - CDL 1192

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