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In this section I present covers for some of my favorite vinyl recordings digitized on the pc by myself. I love to work with photographs and pictures. The opportunity to create something new and different is exciting and I like this kind of work. So you will hopefully enjoy the results as much as I do.

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vinyl records self digitized European_back-190x96.png

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Fine Pop Rock because there is no Graham Parker around, it's 'just' the crew and they did it exquisite.

cover pictures taken from the original 'Stiff' releases
cover concept: zyk's goodies ©
additional photograph: model: Gitti 1974
additional art work: model Heidi 1983
by Big_B.

Original vinyl record:
The Rumour
'Frogs Sprouts Clogs and Krauts'
'Stiff' Records™
catalogue no. SEEZ 13
release date: 1978
producer: Rumour / Roger Bechirian / and someone at Wessex
additional records:
'Stiff' singles: Buy 81 & Buy 92

Compact disc compilation:

Frozen years 3.29
Emotional traffic 2.42
Tired of waiting 3.19
Loving you (is far too easy) 3.18
Euro 3.53
Leaders 3.08
We believe in you / New age 5.06
All fall down 2.28
One good night 2.44
I can't help myself 2.30
My little red book 3.12
Name and number 3.02
I don't want the night to end 2.25
Pyramids 3.49

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