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In this section I present covers for some of my favorite vinyl recordings digitized on the pc by myself. I love to work with photographs and pictures. The opportunity to create something new and different is exciting and I like this kind of work. So you will hopefully enjoy the results as much as I do.

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Truly obstinate vocals combined with honest minded lyrics, great arrangements and excellent musicians. One of my all time greatest favorites.
Track sequence slightly changed on CD.
2004 she died - too young.
Delire goes marchin' in, desire for ever

Original vinyl record:
Lizzy Mercier Descloux
'One For The Soul'
Polydor Rrecords™
catalogue no. 827 910 (POL 281)
release date: 1986
photographies: Andy Earl & Michael Esteban
sleeve design: Michael Esteban
producer: Adam Kidron

Side One:
One for the soul 3.38
Simply beautiful 3.45
Fog horn blues 3.52
Women don't like me 2.58
My funny valentine 3.30

Side Two:
Sond of leblon beach 0.32
Garden of alas 3.16
God-spell me wrong 3.06
Off off pleasure 2.51
Long voodoo ago 4.25
Love streams 2.29

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