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A exciting remake of  'The Tokens' hit from 1961. Nearly everybody around the world is familiar with this tune.
I love Brain Eno since the time of the first 'Roxy Music' album and that was the reason for me to create a cover for this fine recording.
This song and this version deserves to have a picture sleeve I think. It is a 'hand-made' one from the pre computer area, slightly edited on computer recently.
A really nice photograph of Brian Eno, enjoy it.

7" Single by Brian Eno
Island Records™
catalogue no. WIP 6233
release date: 1975
uk release

producer: Brain Eno / Rhett Davies

cover design: 'zyk's goodies' ©
(1975)  E-NO 2


Side A:
The lion sleeps tonight (wimoweh) 2:47
[Linda / Campbell]
(new lyrics by Peretti / Creatore / Weiss / Stanton)

Side B:
I'll come running
(to tie your shoes) 3:40

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