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In this section I present covers for some of my favorite vinyl recordings digitized on the pc by myself. I love to work with photographs and pictures. The opportunity to create something new and different is exciting and I like this kind of work. So you will hopefully enjoy the results as much as I do.

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When I saw the front cover of this release first on a flea market foray,
I was deeply touched by the charisma and atmosphere of James Avati's painting titled 'Down All your Streets'.
I did not know this Dutch ensemble before. It was the lively impression that painting left with me, that triggered my purchase of this record. The woman smoking a cigarette, that carries a paper bag attracts interest first. A group of men in the back seems to have considerable interest in her, and they seems to gossip. Isn't this a penetrative representation of a situation, very well known to all of us? One can come to the idea, that Mr. Avati has created this picture specially for this album according to the title, and it fits extraordinary well.

Original vinyl record:

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  'It's the Talk of the Town'
   ("Everybody knows you left me . . .")

ANOTHER record company™
catalogue no. EFA 5230
release date: 1986
producer: Jacob Klaasse and
                                    Johan Visser
front cover painting: James S. Avati

Compact disc:
'It's the Talk of the Town'
 (and other sad songs)
cover pictures taken from the original recording
front cover painting:  James S. Avati
cover concept: by Big_B
    zyk's goodies © 2009

track listing:

Boulevard of broken dreams  4.25
Hummin' to myself  3.05
Detour ahead  2.25
In other words, we're trough  2.22
Clouds  2.59
I cover the waterfront  5.08
I get along without you very well  3.31
A cottage for sale  4.46
Chloë  4.00
You broke the only heart
  that ever loved you  3.45
Travelin' light  2.45

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