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In this section I present covers for some of my favorite vinyl recordings digitized on the pc by myself. I love to work with photographs and pictures. The opportunity to create something new and different is exciting and I like this kind of work. So you will hopefully enjoy the results as much as I do.

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Very specific music with predominant phenomenal female vocals. The lyrics are discussing the macho role of men and, consequently the problems resulting from this contention between the genders. Definitely not comfortable for men, caught in their traditional role, but on the other hand it could be useful to develop a new, kind quality of relationship.

cover pictures taken from the original recordings

front cover painting:
Gil Elvgren

cover concept: by Big_B
zyk's goodies © 2003.

Original vinyl record:
The Au Pairs
'Playing With A Different Sex'
Human Records™
catalogue no. Human 1
release date: 1981
producer: Au Pairs, Martin and Ken
additional records:
021 Records™
7" singles goto 2 & 4  [1980]
Human Records™  [1981]
7" single HUM 8
12" single HUM 8-12

Compact disc compilation:
'. . . gave him a brush off!'

We're so cool  3.25
Love song  2.46
Set-up  3.17
Repetition  3.32
Headache (for Michelle)  6.32
Come again  3.50
Armagh  3.31
Unfinished business  3.23
Dear John  2.52
It's obvious  6.12
Inconvenience 7"  2.55
Pretty boys  3.37
Headache (for Michelle)
                            12" remix  6.38
Diet  4.17
It's obvious (1980)  5.40
You  2.49
Domestic departure  2.17
Kerb crawler  2.44

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