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In the middle of the night, dollies seems to be lured into somewhat like a stable by the 'Pied Piper'. They are looking totally innocent, cute and helpless, therefore the question is, what will happen to them. Their destiny seems to be completely ambiguous, and it is lying in our imagination what might happen to them. The flip side shows just one of them returning into the light of the day. The artwork obviously tells a doll tragedy, that might be a metaphor and a warning not to believe in each promise, that is made. Can music be dangerous?

7" single by
Mute Records™
catalogue no. INT 111.805
                       (YAZ 001)
production date: 1982
de made

production: Vince Clarke,
Daniel Miller and Eric Radcliffe
photography: Joe Lyons


Side A:
Don't go

Side B:
Winter kills

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