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This record was published by 'Capitol Records' a decade after his death. A bit sadly the artwork and the design are recalling us the period of the mid 50's. When the whole 'Thing' called 'Rock and Roll' started and became so seductive to all the post-war teenagers. It meant fun, excitement, action, wild rhythms, love and dance. That was what they longed for extremely after war and depression.
The photograph captures this desire and of course his fantastic and unrivalled music too.

7" EP by
Gene Vincent
(rip.gif October 12, 1971)
'Vintage Vincent'
Capitol Records Inc.™
catalogue no. PSR 458
production date: 1981
uk made

producer: Ken Nelson
photography: Bob Lampard


Side A:
  Teenage partner
  Important words
     [Vincent / Davis]

Side B:
  Five feet of lovin'
     [Peddy / Tillis]
  Beautiful brown eyes
     [Delmore / Smith]

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