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This is one of the most fascinating and impressive cover photographies I have ever seen. She looks like one of these magical birds of paradise, which everyone is impressed by so deeply. This make-up itself is an artwork and makes her looking fragile and somehow as if she is a sprite, originated straight from a magical fairytale. In my opinion all this fits well to the idea of a 'Brave New World', that the song is about. Hopefully the flip side picture isn't a hint thereon, that this dream will end up in rubbish.

7" single by
Toyah (Willcox)
SAFARI Records™
catalogue no. SAFR 45
production date: 1982
uk made

producer: Steve Lillywhite
photography: Roger Charity
design: John Gordon


Side A:
Brave new world
 [Willcox / Bogen]

Side B:
Warrior rock
 [Willcox / Bogen / Spalding]

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