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This gate fold cover contains two
7-inch records. On the outside there are single photographs of each member of the band, inside is a group portrait and a notice. With the exception of Ann Lennox's bright shiny hair the colours are held quite dark. Grey is dominating the inner sleeve, displaying a black and white photograph and a peculiar message. Just the lettering of the band's name brings some colour. Fine folky rocky music with the remarkable voice of 'Annie'.

7" double single by
The Tourists
Logo Records Ltd.™
catalogue no. GO(D) 350
production date: 1979
uk made

producer: Conny Plank &
The Tourists

line up:
Ann Lennox / Dave Stewart / Jim 'Do It' Toomey / Peet Coombes / Eddie Chin


Side A:

Blind among the flowers
He who laughs last

Side B:

The golden lamp

All tracks written by:
Peet Coombes

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