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Still nowadays this appearance is lively, fresh and charming, though this cover's artwork has been already created in the 50's. This one is the third one out of a sequence of three Tommy Dorsey EP's, which belong together.
A photo-realistic painting is showing nearly everything but the musician himself. The originally aim of this art work seems to be a game with beholder's imagination. I have added a super-sized image, so you can enjoy the details more clearly. On the back are very detailed information about this set of records and about the songs contained.

7" EP by
Tommy Dorsey

RCA Records™
catalogue no.EPC-1229-3
production date: 1956

de made

producer: not stated

front cover painting:


Side A:
    [Hardbach / Hammerstein /
 Royal garden blues
    [Clarence & Spencer

Side B:
 Once in a while
    [Bud Green /
     Michael Edwards]
 Opus no. 1
    [Sy Oliver]

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