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Black and white silhouettes on a pink background. The remarkable triple colour combination of the Go-Feet label and an optical description of dance steps, more than a simple logo. Not to forget the amazing 'Go-Feet-Girl' at a jukebox. Everything fits well in this design.
Ska based music playful exciting and strong. This recording comes with a really impressive sound.

12" LP by The Beat
'I Just Can't Stop It'
Go-Feet Records ™
catalogue no. BEAT 1
release date: 1980
uk release

producer: Bob Sargeant

[All songs written by the Beat]
Rough rider [Prince Buster]
Twist & crawl
[The Beat / Bradsell]
Can't get used to losing you & Jackpot
[Prince Buster]


Side A:

Mirror in the bathroom / Hands off . . . she's mine / Two Swords / Twist and crawl / Rough rider / Click click

Side B:

Big shot / Whine & grine-stand down Margaret / Noise in this world / Can't get used to losing you / Best friend / Jackpot

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