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Side A:

Zephyr & I  3.10
Ludlow street  3.16
New York is a woman  2.54
Pornoghrapher's dream  3.23
Edith Wharton's figurines  2.42

all selections:
                      Suzanne Vega

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Side B:

Bound  4.43
Unbound  3.34
As you are now  2.20
Angel's doorway  2.55
Anniversary  2.57

all selections:
                      Suzanne Vega

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'Beauty & Crime'

12" Lp by
Suzanne Vega

Blue Note™
catalogue no. 0094636827018
production date: 2007

200 gram high quality vinyl
us made

producer: Jimmy Hogarth
art direction & design:
                        Carla Leighton
photography: Albert Sanchez
stylist: Alyssa Dineen



An exceptional example of an absolute 'high class release', in every respect, musically as well, as in his artwork. Her first album on 'Blue Note', a label, well known for exquisite taste regarding the choice of artists and in producing records.
The photographs created by Albert Sanchez are technically perfect, visually fascinating, and they are reminding at a woman with style and class of the 20's. The design concept seems to mirror the impression of a photo album from long ago. Collected memories from a life's evolution, and the visualization of a girl's metamorphosis into a magnificent woman.
An evidence of a valuable, more recent vinyl release.

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