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Three coloured Ladies at the start of their matchless career as a trio 1964, from left to right: Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard and Diana Ross. The portrait in a fairly common style is showing three young women smiling friendly. Nothing seems to point to the outrageous success they will have in the future. Certainly not an eminently special cover art work, but nevertheless a beautiful picture sleeve for a fantastic single. Not to forget, that it is a pretty scarce one nowadays.

7" single by
The Supremes
CBS Records™
catalogue no. 1636
production date: 1964
de made

producer: no credits stated
photograph: no credits stated


Side A:
 Come see about me  2.39
    [Holland / Dozier / Holland]

Side B:
 Always in my heart  2.26
    [Holland / Dozier / Holland]

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