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A certain tension is created between the circle's smooth shape and the fairly chiselled of the square. Additionally this effect is strengthened, through the contrast of the square's unobtrusive, muddy colour against the bright and shiny of the circle's pictures. The main impact of the front cover is given by the extraordinary actualized painting of the eyes. One will doubtlessly feel observed while beholding this cover. That's one aspect, why it belongs to my personal 'All Time Greatest Covers' hall of fame.

12" Lp by
The Strawbs
Oyster / Polydor Super™
catalogue no. 2391-287
production date: 1977
uk made

production: Jeffrey Lesser
sleeve concept: Paul May
design: J. McGillicuddy -
             Roc Advertising
cover illustration:
             Patrick Woodroffe
photography: Graham Fowler /
                       Rod Coombes


David Cousins:  vocals
Dave Lambert:  lead guitar
Chas Cronk:  bass
Rod Coombes:  drums
John Mealing:  piano; synthesizer;
orchestral arrangemennts
Robert Kirby:  electric piano; orchestral arrangemennts

Side A:
Burning for me
  [Cousins / Mealing]
Cut like a diamond
  [Cousins / Cronk]
I feel your loving coming on
      (For the death of Veniece)
  [Cousins / Cronk]
Alexander the great
  [Cousins / Lambert]

Side B:
Keep on trying
  [Cousins / Cronk]
Back in the old routine
  [Cousins / Cronk / Lambert]
Carry me home
    (Is not an easy word to say)
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