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A phenomenal picture sleeve done by David Bailey in 1968. I bought it at the time of it's release and own it for nearly 40 years now, I am really proud of still holding it in my collection. A nice idea to photograph the band from the front and the back; suitably to the front and back cover of a record. Each of them in a different disguise very creative. Obviously they are well amused and very exuberant. I think there is no need to mention, that this song is still one of the very best they ever have made. One of my personal favourites is the flipside, because sometimes I feel influenced by the moon.

7" single by The Rolling Stones
Decca Records™
catalogue no. DL 25340
production date: 1968
de made

producer: Jimmy Miller
photography: David Bailey


Side A:
  Jumpin' Jack Flash  3.40
     [Jagger / Richard]

Side B:
  Child of the Moon  3.08
     [Jagger / Richard]

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