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This is the French release of the recording I have presented before. The background colour has been changed in contrast to the German release to grey, the graphical artwork as well as the lettering comes in a dark red. Something funny about these two releases of the same recording is; the play time of the tracks are stated different, the German release is lasting a little longer. The back of this release is used for commercial advertising as well, but shows no pictures of the recordings.

7" single by The Small Faces
Immediate Record Co. Ltd.™
catalogue no. IMF 512
production date: 1968
fr made

Steve Marriott   rip.gifApril 20, 1991
Ronnie Lane   rip.gifJune 4, 1997


Side A:
  The universal  2.30
     [Marriott / Lane]

Side B:
  Donkey rides, a penny a glass      2.45
     [Marriott / Lane / McLagan]

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