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A circle full of fantasy pictures and myths seems to be the suitable end-60's-spirit incarnation. The design fits very well to this record of one of Britain's first and most successful psychedelic rock bands.
The art work obviously aligned by the 'Devine Proportion', it is not just strict but also gorgeous. At the back you will find six small pictures featuring more records of the 'Immediate' label. A regular way to advertise commercial in these years.

7" single by The Small Faces
Immediate Record Co. Ltd.™
catalogue no. IM 23 856
production date: 1968
de made

Steve Marriott   rip.gifApril 20, 1991
Ronnie Lane   rip.gifJune 4, 1997


Side A:
  The universal  2.44
     [Marriott / Lane]

Side B:
  Donkey rides, a penny a glass      2.51
     [Marriott / Lane / McLagan]

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