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A rather impressionistic painting adorns the front of this record's jacket. With her head inclined, a girl looks anyhow cryptically towards us. Impliedly there's a man beside her in the background, though he's rather indistinct, it seems, that he is watching her. The back displays a painting in a different style. Three men disguised like a harlequin, but they aren't funny or even happy. Their big, red lips are showing disappointment, anger, maybe they are even from the garden of hate.

7" single by
Simple Minds
Zoom Records™
catalogue no. ZUM 11
production date: 1979
uk made

producer: John Leckie
cover painting:
Thomas Rathmell
back cover painting:
Mary Ruth Craig


Side A:
Chelsea girl  4.33
 [J. Kerr / C. Burchill]

Side B:
Garden of hate  4.26
 [J. Kerr / C. Burchill]

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