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A woman in contemplative mood at a bar, seems to be light years away. This photograph is surrounded by a wide wooden frame, with graphic created 'Saloon-like' swing doors added. Similar cover artwork can be found on many 'Capitol' releases from this era, especially the wooden frame seems to be something like a standard for the 10-inch albums.
The back of this 'Dixieland' record contains rather elaborate information about the artist in his heyday, beside a little picture.

Southern Comfort'

10" Lp by
Sharkey and his
                  Kings of Dixieland

Capitol Records™


catalogue no. H-266
production date: 1951
us made

photograph: Tom Kelley


Side A:
Temptation rag
   [Henry Lodge / Louis Weslyn]
Basin street blues
   [Spencer Williams]
That da-da strain
   [Mamie Mendina /
                         Edgar Dowell]
Over the waves
   [Juventino Rosas]

Side B:
She's crying for me
   [Santo Pecora]
Weary blues
   [Artie Matthews]
   [J. Russel Robinson]
Bourbon street bounce
   [Harvey Blackstone]

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