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A very early picture sleeve of this band, it's one of my 'Rezillos' jackets I like most. The front shows the complete band, whilst on the flip Fay is missing (because of a 'flying saucer attack!'). The combination of black and white photographies and a 'signal-red' lettering catches immediate attention of the viewer.
I also love the gag, which should make us think Fay has been kidnapped by aliens. A top notch release in every respect.

7" single by
The Rezillos
Sire Records™
catalogue no. 6078 612
production date: 1977
uk made

A Sensible Production
In Sensible Stereo


Side A:
(My baby does)
Good Sculptures
 [Luke Warm]

Side B:
Flying Saucer Attack
 [Luke Warm]

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