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12" LP by
Randy Newman
Reprise Records™
catalogue no. MS 2064
production date: 1972
us made

Lenny Waronker / Russ Titleman

graphics & photography:
Mike Salisbury

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piano: Randy Newman
guitars: Ry Cooder, Russ Titlemann
drums: Jim Keltner, Gene Parsons, Earl Palmer
bass: Chris Ethridge, Wilton Felder, Jimmy Bond
percussion: Milt Holland

Side A:
Sail away  2.56
Lonely at the top  2.32
He gives us all his love  1.53
Last night I had a dream  3.01
Simon Smith and the amazing dancing bear  2.00
Old man  2.42

Side B:
Political science  2.00
Burn on  2.33
Memo to my son  1.56
Dayton, Ohio - 1903  1.47
You can leave your hat on  3.18
God's song
(that's why I love mankind)  3.36

all selections written by:
Randy Newman


A cover photography of Randy Newman impresses through his calmness and the concentration. It reminds me of the two live concerts I have visited, two hours, one man, a piano, nothing else but lots of emotion and philosophical thoughts. This cover is reflecting such an intense and close view on an artist at work, that it is like visiting his concert right now.

The photography above is an additional insert to this recording and shows a studio snapshot photographed with a wide-angle objektiv. It is to be magnified if you click on the picture or the blue coloured (insert) lettering. Again a very intimate and personal photograph, isn't he looking a little lonesome, all alone in such a big recording studio? It definitely belongs to my favourite covers.

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