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A ball mirrors a scenery and an airplane accompanied by a glittering circle line that has a deflection - the quantum jump. An excellent airbrush picture is stimulating the imagination by his dreamy kind. Leading us to make a trip to far distant shores, maybe. The back contains information and a photograph of each band member. A beautiful and pleasant artwork for this recording. The music is a mix of jazz rock, funk and fusion.

12" LP by
Quantum Jump
Intercord / Electric™
catalogue no. INT 161.302
production date: 1976
de made

producer: Rupert Hine
design & artwork:
David Juniper / Trevor Smith
photographs: Jeremy Thomas

all tracks written by Quantum Jump; except: 'No American Starship' by Jeanette Obstoj


Side A:
Capt. Boogaloo / Over Rio / The lone ranger / No American starship (looking for the next world)

Side B:
Alta Loma road / Cocabana Havana / Constant Forest / Something at the bottom of the sea
pt. 1   Stepping stones;
pt. 2   The roving finger;
pt. 3   Stepping rocks;
pt. 4   (the quantum jump)

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