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With a completely different cover to the original release this reissue is coming. It is the average portrait photography showing the three band members. With the exception of Andy Summers, both of the others seemed to be rather bored. What would you say is Mr. Copeland or Mr. Sting doing during this session? Needless to describe their activities any closer, I think.
In which mood the responsible bloke must have been when he selected this picture? To be honest my favourite is still the original release, even if it is in black vinyl only.

7" single by
The Police
A&M Records™
catalogue no. AMS 7348
production date: 1978
release date: April/79 (reissue)
uk made

producer: The Police


Side A:
  Roxanne  3.00

Side B:
  Peanuts  2.52
   [Sting / S. Copeland]

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