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A garish red telephone with a picture on the dial, displaying a Lady during a call. It has to be 'Roxanne'.
A convincing artwork for the Police's first 'A&M' single. Live action of the band is displayed on the back of the cover, giving us a great example of dynamic tension. The combination of red and black fits good to the title lyrics. At night, in the red light district. The story isn't new, you can name it an old tale and, nevertheless it has touched several men emotionally over the time.

7" single by
The Police
A&M Records™
catalogue no. AMS 7348
production date: 1978
release date: April/78
uk made
producer: The Police
design: Michael Ross
illustration: Paul Allen
photo: Caroline Coon


Side A:
  Roxanne  3.00

Side B:
  Peanuts  2.52
   [Sting / S. Copeland]

'an illegal production'

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