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For a song with the title 'Butcher Baby', the Band has to be pictured obviously in a slaughter-house. Parts of dead animals, as well as a huge knife and a chainsaw that we can see, fits well to the Band's public image. Their aim is to horrify the audience, to thrill them by playing with their fear of brutality. Not to forget the outfit of Mrs. Williams; always barely dressed, often nearly naked. At their shows they often destroyed TV's or even Police Cars, if there was an opportunity.

7" 3-track EP by
The Plasmatics
Vice Squad Records™
catalogue no. VS 101 ESP
production date: 1978
us made

producer: Stellar Axeman

Band Line-up:
 Wendy O. Williams:
                    vocals, chainsaw
 Osao Chosei Funahara:  bass
 Richard Stotts:  guitar
 Stu Deutsch:  drums


Side A:
Butcher baby   3.05
 [Stotts / Swenson]

Side B:
Fast food service  2.07
 [Stotts / Swenson]
Concrete shoes   2.11
 [Funahara / Swenson]

Wendy Orlean Williams [W.O.W.]    asterisk.png 1949-05-28
                   rip.gif 1998-04-06

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