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7" single by
Pere Ubu
Hearthan Records™
catalogue no. HR 101
production date: 1975
us made

producer: P. Ubu and
Bill Cavanaugh
cover art: Jon Luoma
design: Crocus Behemoth

Side A:
30 Seconds over Tokyo  6.21
 [Thomas / Laughner /

Side B:
Heart of darkness  4.44
 [Thomas / Laughner /
  Heerman / Wright / Krause]


A strange dressed man with an enormous belly is wearing a big hat on his head. But, these aren't the only big things he have, look at the nose, see his shoes and not to forget the wide and nasty grin on his face. Doesn't he look a bit frightening? These trees on the hills in the background seem to radiate in the sky. An amazing graphical artwork, completely monochrom, stealthily it fascinates the beholder. The very first single released by Pere Ubu on the 'Hearthan' label, founded by David Thomas. The total production of this recording from 1975 is reported with approximately 2.500 - 3.000 copies.

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