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Clean, tidy, offenceless and a little prudish, that's this jacket's image. It is exactly what you will get in musical aspects. Real 'sob stuff' for those who likes the (very) 'easy listening' genre. But somehow this cover design caught my attention, so I picked it up. Maybe it was because of a certain naive appeal it doubtlessly has, I don't know. The back contains photographs of the record's artists as well, as the track listing and the credits.
This special edition was available exclusively to subscribers of the 'Bertelsmann' record circle.

7" EP by
Various Artists
Polydor Records™
catalogue no. F 76 537

production date: 1962
de made

producer: not stated

'Ein bunter Melodienstrauß'
(A coloured bunch of melodies)



Side A:
Die Kinder in Nachbars Garten
    [Hollaender / Freund]
    Peter Alexander
    [Jöde / Löns]
    Willy Schneider

Side B:
Warum hat jeder Frühling, ach, nur einen Mai
    [Lehár / Jenbach / Reichert]
    Rudi Schuricke
Im Leben geht alles vorüber
    [Kreuder / Schwenn /

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