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A skyline of skyscrapers dark and rather blurry seems to struggle through misty fume. This scenery truly causes a subliminal threatening impression. Unfazed of all that a ballet dancer claims a major part of the space and our attention. She is presented in clear dependence on expressionistic art style.
The additional illustration of a swan at the bottom tries to compete in a somewhat strange way, because the image bursts through the picture's border. But all the struggle is in vain, somehow it doesn't really belong into this composition.

'Swans on Glass'

7"  single by
Modern English

4ad record comapny logo_small-105x96.png ™   catalogue no. ad6

production date: 1980
uk made


Side A:
Swans on Glass
   [Modern English]

Side B:
   [Modern English]

cover art work:
         (unfortunately) not stated
          most likely Vaughan Oliver

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