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7" single by
The MO-dettes
DECCA Record Co. Ltd.™
catalogue no. DET 3

production date: 1981
uk made

producer: Chris Neil
photos: Thomas Degen
Concept/Style: Perry Haines -
                       i-D productions

Side A:
 [Mo-dettes / Hazlewood]

Side B:
Waltz in blue minor

the ladies :

vocals:  Ramona Carlier
guitar:  Kate Korus
bass:  Jane Crockford drums:  June Miles-Kingston

Pillows in a vast variety of shapes and colours for an all female Band, with the Ladies in more or less ravishing poses.
What a change in the outfit for a girl group, formerly assigned to the 'Punk' genre.
The front cover picture is dominated by tender pastel tones, flattering the girls lying between. It is somehow like a promise, hanging adorable in the air; - 'Tonight'!
Certainly some of you can remember similar situations, they are unequivocally the jewels of recollection.
This first-rate triple folded cover brings 'post cards' with portraits of each of the Ladies, the flip side contains some of their preferences and goals.
Dressed very nicely each of them, the make-up perfect, they lure us.
The reason for the bad selling of this fine release is still a mystery to me.
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