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What emotion may be induced by this front-cover photograph? Is it lust, devotion, incitement, or is it a mixture of all? Anyhow, it is this, what I call a master-piece of design. According to the jazz-blues fusion of musical genres, this gatefold cover seems to be in a straight graphical line and, emotional and dreamy at the same time. It is not importunate or even garish, but nevertheless amusing, maybe it is so, just because it isn't obtrusive. Giving a gatefold jacket to a 7-inch single is simply the peak of enthusiasm, and I love luxurious packing. This record is one, that deserves to get a rich equiped packing doubtlessly!

7" single by
Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Polydor Records™
catalogue no. 883 695-7
production date: 1986
fr made

producer: Adam Kidron

Lizzy Mercier Descloux:
(Martine-Elisabeth Mercier Descloux)  asterisk.png 1956-12-16
                  rip.gif 2004-04-20


Side A:

Fog horn blues  3.55
  [Mercier Descloux / Reyne]
      Chat Baker on trumpet

Side B:
A word is a whah  3.00
  [Mercier Descloux / Reyne]
Love streams  2.30
  [Mercier Descloux]

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