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It seems, as if the 50's should be reactivated by the artwork of this cover. The portrait of an angry looking young man, who holds a cigarette and carries a truly suitable hairstyle, underlines this impression. Movable is the effect of the slightly twisted inscription and conveys a feeling of rhythm. The back is dominated by credit entries for a massive number of more or less known people. This summary turns out as a recollection of a classical 'Rock and Roll' cover.

7" single by
Levi Dexter and the Ripchords
FRESH Records™
catalogue no. 40
production date: 1981
uk made

producer: Richard Gottehrer


Side A:
I get so excited  2.49
 [P. Brown / D. Harvey]

Side B:
Other side of midnight
 [M. Barry / L. Dexter]

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