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Strictly confidential, seems to be the meaning of this photograph. Dark and enigmatic the colours, there are obviously information which should be kept concealed. The second conversion of the subject, two lovers, all alone against the whole world. This song has been written by Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go's and Terry Hall. Two years after the Go-Go's version, now the one of the Co-Author. Not just the first release is excellent enough for a 'lovers theme', this one is at least equal in quality, in his very own way.

7" single by
The Fun Boy Three
Chrysalis Records™
catalogue no. FUNB 1
production date: 1983
uk made

producer: David Byrne
photograph: Mike Owen
David Storey and Fun Boy Three


Side A:
Our lips are sealed  2.51
 [T. Hall / J. Wiedlin]

Side B:
Our lips are sealed,
Urdu Version  3.50
 [T. Hall / J. Wiedlin]

Taken from the LP
'Waiting'  CHR 1417

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