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Now, after we have seen this cover, there is an idea of how the 'crown of madness' might look like.
A strong design idea and I have to confess, I really like it a lot. The jacket convinces in every respect, emotionally as well as aesthetically and is an exceptional artwork. It fits well to an outstanding and powerful song. One of the best Mr. Stewart has made after the 'Eurythmics' had separated. For me, it is a collectible treasure, the song and the cover, each for themselves.

7" single by
Dave Stewart and the
Spiritual Cowboys
RCA Records™
catalogue no. PB44823
production date: 1981
uk made

producer: David A. Stewart

  art direction: Graham Fink
  photography: Brian Griffin


Side A:
Crown of madness
 [David A. Stewart]

Side B:
 [David A. Stewart]

  art direction: John Richmond
  photography: Eamon McCabe
  graphics: David A. Richmond

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