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silicon chip front cover 95 pixel

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  silicon chip back cover 95 pixel

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silicon chip record A picture 190 pixel

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This is an excellent example to reconsider, whether cover art has to be spectacular to be named art!
I think, there are contrary attitudes on this topic. Well, I confess, my sympathy belongs to the advocates of the compositions, which consists of more humble, but well selected graphical elements, combined to an arty cover.
Visual, as well as audible art, both are an instrument of mankind's emotional language. An essential reason to keep it well structured. One of the main preconditions to facilitate human communication.

'Silicon Chip'

7"  single by
Basement 5

Island ™
catalogue no.
WIP 6614

production date: 1980
uk made


'island' company lettering 1980 [uk]100 pixel
sleeve concept and design:
Dennis Morris,
© Zebulon Productions 1980

Side A:
Silicon Chip
   [Basement 5]

Side B:
Chip Butty
   [Basement 5]

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