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12" LP by
Lene Lovich
'Stiff' Records™
catalouge no. Lene 1
release date: 1979

Quiz Inquisitor: Andy Murray
Eminence Grise: Paul Conroy
Prestidigitateur: Alan Cowderoy
Little Bald Chap: N. Dick

cover art: Chris Morton


Here comes a 'Radio Interview DJ promotional Album' with Lene Lovich.
Stated as 'Number one in a series of radio interviews with 'Stiff' artistes'.
An extraordinary release, even for the 'Stiff' record label.
The back cover contains the questiones and answers of the interview including the duration in minutes and seconds. At the top there are 5 pictures of a live performance.
Because of the small reproduction size I decided to add an additional page exhibiting the details of the front and back cover enlarged.

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