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12" LP by
Rachel Sweet
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. SEEZ 12
release date: 1978
uk release

producer: Liam Sternberg

Route 78 Tour


A side :
 Just my style
 Who does Lisa like?
 Wildwood Saloon
 Stay Awhile**
 Suspended Animation
B side :
 It's so different here
 Coockoo clock
 Pin a medal on Mary***
 Girl with a Synthesizer
 Stranger in the house****

all selections by:
Liam Sternberg - except:
  Hayes / Porter *
  Hawker / Raymonde **
  Birch / Wicks ***
  Elvis Costello ****


Innocent white and cute pink, like the old tradition for 'little girls', are the colours of this record. A somehow tasteful eye-catcher for her first record on 'Stiff'. Released on time to the 'BE STIFF Route 78 Tour', an picture disc copy was issued as well.
The artwork is well balanced and luckily doesn't stumble in this dreadful 'Lolita-Trap'. She's pictured as a teenage girl on these photographs, and this is exactly what she was at the age of 16. They did this 'tightrope-dance' pretty well, and have created a magnificent design for this recording.
The inner sleeve photograph has been also used in colour for the 'B-A-B-Y' 7-inch single
(Buy 39).
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