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In this section I present covers for some of my favorite vinyl recordings digitized on the pc by myself. I love to work with photographs and pictures. The opportunity to create something new and different is exciting and I like this kind of work. So you will hopefully enjoy the results as much as I do.

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Compact disc compilation:
'Close to  . . .'

cover concept: zyk's goodies
© 2003
graphical art work front cover :
front cover: Gitti
back cover: Véronique (Nicki)

Biting lyrics - fine Rock music. What do you want in addition? An Ex-Beatle and his Brother together. Remarkable in every dimension.
A strong remake of Roxy Music's 'Sea Breezes', characterized by empathy.

track listing:
Sea breezes  4.26
What do we really know  3.42
Norton  2.32
Leave it  3.38
Have you got problems  6.10
Rainbow lady  3.24
Simply love you  2.44
Giving grease a ride  5.29
The man who found god on
the moon  6.24
The casket  4.13

Original vinyl record:
Mike McGear
'*mcgear '
Warner Bros.™
catalogue no. K 56051
release date: 1974
producer: Paul McCartney

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