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This cover is the third one I have made for an Eno single. So they can be described as a trilogy.
At that time it wasn't easy to get hold of an nice picture of Eno at all. Not to use the ones of the 'Roxy Music' covers was my intention, so I had to search fairly long for the photographs. A calm picture in an quiet environment is the one I have chosen. It fits well to show the 'later' Eno this time.

7" Single by Brian Eno
Polydor Records™
catalogue no. 2001 762
release date: 1977
uk release

Brain Eno / Rhett Davies

cover concept: 'zyk's goodies'
© 1977  E-NO 3


Side A:

  King's lead hat
  [K.L.H. / Brian Eno]

Side B:

  [Eno / Nylon / Palladin]

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