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The time of 'Glam Rock' in the early seventies, that is where this photograph is coming from. I am a fan of Brian Eno from the very beginning. I was at the end of my tether by the fact that the singles doesn't have a picture sleeve. So I made some on my own. This is the first one out of three I made for Eno recordings.
Cheeky, experimental and cheerfully music, exactly what made the early two LP's of 'Roxy Music' so unique.

7" Single by Brian Eno
Island Records™
catalogue no. WIP 6178
release date: 1974
uk release

producer: Brain Eno

cover concept: 'zyk's goodies'
© 1974  E-NO 1


Side A:
Seven deadly Finns  3.03

Side B:
Later on  4.50
[Eno / Fripp]
A collage of extracts from Fripp/Eno 'No Pussyfooting'

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