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During a London visit in 1979 I have visited Chiswick and Ted Carroll welcomed me. While our interesting and nice conversation regarding music, Chiswick artists and record collecting he offered me tea. At the end of our meeting he gave me a few promotional recordings, like the 'Midnight Blue' free sample EP made for demonstration use only.
The colour all in (Midnight-) blue the songs excerpt from the Chiswick album. Rockabilly as it should be, my favorite - 'Midnight Blue'

7" EP by Whirlwind
Chiswick Records™
catalogue no. PSR 447
production date: 1980
Billy Holliday / Tommy Doherty
uk made
(free sampler EP - not for sale)

from the album 'Midnight Blue'
CWK3012 - for release 14th March 1980

Side A:
Midnight blue
[Coquhoun / Farren]
Honey hush

Side B:
Such a fool
[Dixon / Lewis]
Stayin' out all night
[Doherty / Holliday]
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