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This record has been posthumously released on Rolling Stones Records™ in 1971, it must haven been one of the label's first releases. Maybe as a tribute to an 'absent friend'?
Unfortunately the date of Brian Jones' session with the 'Pipes of Pan' isn't statet anywhere, but it must have been before 1969-07-03.
This gate fold cover oozes out Moroccan traditional spirit. The inlet brings, beneath a winning portrait of Brian at the front page, a description of the magical Rites of Pan Festival celebrated by the Master Musicians of Joujouka.

12" LP by Brian Jones
                      rip.gif 1969-07-03
plays with the 'Pipes of Pan'
at JouJouka
Rolling Stones Records™
catalogue no. COC 49100
release date: 1971
release country: (not statet)

Both Sides:
Brian Jones plays withe the 'Pipes of Pan'

The Masters Musicians of Joujouka
The Maalmin of Ahl Serif
Joulouka Tatoof
Province of Alcazarqüivir Morocco

producer: Brian Jones
original concept: Brian Jones
paintings: Hamri
design: Latimer / Field
photographs: Chris Parker / David Bailey / Brion Gysin

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