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This is one of a few sounding postcards that I picked up during my rambles across flea markets. It isn't the music I like, but the photographs provoked me to grab them because of their odd charisma. This one has been made in Belgium by 'phocord'.
This time a coloured 'sound card' of a very young Brigitte Bardot. Charming her gaze toward the beholder, fresh and nearly natural. Again I was tempted by the oddity of this item and couldn't pass by without having it. That is obviously the destiny of a collector, he never passes by an opportunity. But who would complain about getting weak, if it's such a lovely chance? Certainly not me, as we can see! I am till crazy after all these years.

Sounding Postcard
No. 1929 - 45 rpm

Brussels / Belgium

Melodie d'amour
 [Salvador / Lanjean / Johns]
Milli Scott

Bert Paige

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