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'Ogdnes' Nut Gone Flake'

12"  Lp by
Small Faces

GetBack Records™

catalogue no. GET 550DL

production date: 2007

[ original:
Immediate - Z12 52 008,
Italian made

producer: Glyn Jones
cover artwork: Mick Swan


The circle shaped label of a Liverpool tobacco brand, from the end of the 19th century, has been the adopted guideline, to create one of the most outstanding record covers in rock history. As the final result they used 4 circles, printed on both sides, that are multifolded. Unfolded you see a coloured, and a monochrome side. Three of the coloured images belong to a tabacco tin, while the last contains a nicely created graphical artwork, with lots of dreamy details. After turning there are alienated portraits of the four artists. It seems that somebody has crumpled the photographs, before they has been used for the cover's artwork, or was it the original aim to recall spider-web impressions?

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