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This is an end '60s E. P. cover of one of these famous so called French 'Yeh-Yeh' girls. As far as I recall most men, from all over the world, have been fascinated by Mrs. Vartan at that time. I wonder, whether this single fact legalizes the description 'art' for this particular cover. Like so often in life, it by guess seems to be a matter of definition. I think, most of the male beholders would agree, but how about the women? Does it make sense to argue about the concept of art anyhow, or has somebody the universally valid authority to decide about?


7"  E.P. by
Sylvie Vartan

  catalogue no. 87.050 M

production date: 1968
fr made


Side A:
L'oiseau  3.20
   [E. Charden / Monty /
                                   F. Gérald]
Sur un fil  2.35
   [J. Renard / E. Vartan]

Side B:
Quel effet ça m'a fait  2.45
   [G. Thibaut - J. Renard]
Elle est partie  2.12
   [E. Charden]

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