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7" EP by
Sylvie Vartan
RCA Victor™
catalogue no. 86.145
production date: 1966
fr made

orchestra: Eddie Vartan

Side A:
Il y a deux filles en moi  2.20
  [J. J. Debout / R. Dumas]
Le pays que j'ai inventé  2.15
  [G. Thibaut / E. Vartan]

Side B:
Tourne, tourne, tourne  3.05
  [G. Aber / P. Seeger]
   Adaptation francaise
   de Georges Aber
Si tu n'existais pas  2.15
  [G. Thibaut / E. Vartan]


Different photographs on the front cover, obviously selected from a photo session, showing Sylvie at the tender age of 22. This kind of cover design seems to create for us a more intimate relation with the artist than the ordinary one-image-cover. Beholding the cover for a while, it is like listening to a story, told about a recording session. She was one of the first French artists of the 'yéh-yéh' genre in the early 60's. Also, she was one of the most beautiful women in show business at that time.
The flipside of the jacket shows a monochrome portrait of a winter-dressed Sylvie. Remarkable, the unique daisy-shaped frame of her sunglasses.

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