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This remake of an old Ray Davies (The Kinks) song puts me in a reflective mood. To be satisfied with the small things in life is an ability that we have nearly lost in these modern times. According to this, the picture of the front sleeve brings back the memory of times when it was regular to be pleased with a non spectacular way of living. Shouldn't we recapture this opportunity?
The B-side of this recording is an extremely strong rock song, one of the best songs by the Pretenders. I really can't make my choice between the two songs.

7" Single by The Pretenders
Real Records™
catalogue no. ARE 6
release date: 1979
uk release

producer: Nick Lowe


Side A:
Stop your sobbing
[Ray Davies]

Side B:
The wait
[Chrissie Hynde / Peter Farndon]

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