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Hubert de Lartigue was born in Angers, France, in 1963. He graduated from the Duperre National High School of Applied Art and the Estienne National High School of Arts and Graphic Industries.Pin-Up_stroke-135x96.png Since 1989, he worked as an Illustrator in advertising and Publishing while building up his own portfolio of science-fiction illustrations and pin-ups. Thanks to the realism and elegance of the women he paints, together with the creativity of his poses and scenes, Hubert de Lartigue has become the rightful successor of the great artists of the golden age of American pin-ups. Hubert de Lartigue uses almost essentially the airbrush technique and transparent acrylic ink to paint his pin-ups, using a paintbrush and gouache only for the eyes, lips and hair. Thus, he gradually creates his characters from Sketches of live models, alternating the free-hand airbrush technique and a paintbrush for detail to obtain truly realistic pin-ups. These cards will certainly become a much sought-after collectors' item world-wide.
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