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Nearly the whole world thought this is a love song. But this is not a love song!
Enolay Gay (to be seen above) is the name of an United States Air Force B-29 Bomber. The one which dropped the A-Bombon on Hiroshima, the first one ever used in a war.

7" single
by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)
DINDISC Limited ™
catalogue no. DIN 22
producer: Mike Howlet
release date: 1980
uk release

A strong rhythm with sad lyrics and affecting vocals. Marvelous electronical music.


Atmospheric card board sleeve, if there would not be that incredible correlation to the tragedy of Hiroshima.

Side A:
Enola Gay 3:36

Side B:
Annex 4:32
[McCluskey / Humphreys]

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